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Career Coaching

Career coaching is for adults wanting something different in their work life or career: better balance, looking for a new job, improving the situation in current job, looking for a change of career, difficult workplace dynamics,...

Coaching sessions last 60 to 90 minutes, and take place in person in Uccle or Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium), or online. Usually around 6 sessions are useful, and the path may take you along topics like the ones below (although the path you take will be tailored to your unique needs and goals).

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​6-Session Career Coaching Path
for Getting Unstuck

You may be interested in a career coaching path that helps you get unstuck, and gives you a better sense of what to evolve towards in your professional life.

These 6 sessions will cover aspects of your professional life you may remember you were aware of, or things you discover that will help you move forward. Here are some examples of sessions, bearing in mind that the exact path will be cocreated to suit your goals or needs.


Introduction and Goal Setting

Let’s start with an introduction to career coaching, understanding your current job situation, including the challenges associated with unhappiness, and starting to identify your goals, values, and aspirations.

I may recommend you read "The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion" by Elle Luna to start thinking… 


Self-Reflection and Values Exploration

Encouraging a deeper understanding of values, beliefs, and passions. Exploring identity, purpose, and meaning in relation to career.

What are your personal values and beliefs, and how they intersect with your career path? What gives you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction at work?


Identifying Strengths and Passions

Identifying your unique strengths, talents, and passions, utilizing exercises such as the VIA Character Strengths assessment to uncover and leverage strengths.


Exploring Career Options & Possibilities

Exploring a wide range of career options aligned with values, strengths, and passions and generating ideas and possibilities, imagining an ideal career and the steps to achieve it…


Goal Setting and Action Planning

May lead to creating a success plan that aligns with the values, strengths, and career aspirations you have identified.


Sustainable Growth

What will enable you to keep growing and moving in the direction you have imagined? Maybe cultivating self-confidence and reframing self-limiting beliefs? Or strengthening your resilience by building a support network & fostering positive relationships, enhancing motivation, keeping in mind meaningful and achievable goals aligned with your values and strengths...

Success Stories

I am impressed by the results we achieve in meetings guided by Emily.

Her engaged presence and subtle leadership style work wonders.

Her commitment to moving the group dynamic forward is clear even though she gives people the space they need. I am a fan.

Carolina, European Parliament Secretariat

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