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The Inclusion Revolution

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The next session takes place in Brussels on Tuesday October 15th 2024 - 10.30-16.30

The Inclusion Revolution Training in Brussels

Join the Inclusion Revolution!

Are you ready to be a part of the change?

Since the launch of our Inclusion Revolution last June, we've welcomed over 50 Inclusion ninjas into our community. But there's still work to be done.


❓ Are you tired of encountering behaviours like invisibilizing, mansplaining, or outright threats in your workplace or online debates?


😱 It's shocking, but these power dynamics persist, consciously and unconsciously, to maintain control. But fear not! We're here to empower you with the tools to disrupt these patterns.


🎭 Join us, Emily and Joanna on October 15th at 10.30 in Brussels for a dynamic workshop where theory meets practice. Let's tackle these challenges head-on with role-play, peer support, and expert guidance.


🤝 Together, let's transform meeting cultures, shift power dynamics, and pave the way for a more inclusive Brussels.

Session highlights : 

  • Exploring how certain techniques and behaviours are used by dominant groups consciously and unconsciously to maintain power over processes and people.

  • Breaking patterns and using role play to learn how to tackle the continuing culture of oppressive power dynamics prevailing in the Brussels EU environment

  • Understanding that we all have a role to play in disrupting patterns, including undoing our own learned behaviour and ways to act more consciously as a bystander.

  • Creating a safe and brave learning environment where we can share and support one another during the training and beyond. 

You will come away with:

  • An enhanced understanding through an intersectional lens, of how techniques are used – often unconsciously - to maintain power over groups and individuals.

  • Practical tools and counter techniques for recognizing and countering power domination/master suppression techniques.

  • reinforced skills, allyship and networks to transform the meeting culture and dynamics in Brussels.

The trainers

Joanna Maycock

Joanna Maycock

  • LinkedIn

Joanna Maycock is a lifelong feminist, with 25 years’ experience in leadership positions in international civil society, both at governance and Director level. She is passionate about power and inclusion in the context of transformational and systemic change and is committed to transforming the nature of systems of decision-making to ensure they are more inclusive, diverse, and effective.

Emily Riley

Emily Riley

  • LinkedIn

Emily Riley is a lawyer and coach, and the founder of the Brussels League of Badass Women. She has experience of creating safe and brave spaces through her work as a coach, trainer, and convener of women’s sharing circles; she believes systems change will be positively influenced by power dynamics being identified, named, and addressed, and holds the firm belief and experience that greater inclusion and equality can be built in this way.

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The highly interactive training workshop for up to 20 participants will be taking place 10.30-16.30 on Tuesday October 15th 2024 in Brussels. 

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